Top 5 Trending Android Apps to Download From Google Play

Android smartphones continue to get faster, yet are only as useful as the apps they run. Apps allow us to stay productive at work, communicate with friends, watch movies and more – everything we need for life in one package!

Google Play offers a diverse selection of apps, but some stand out as trendsetters. Below are the five popular ones you should install right away on your new phone or tablet device.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova goes beyond standard launchers to offer an excellent alternative to Google Play experience, offering features such as home screen backup and restore, icon theming for all of your apps, customization of app drawer views and much more. While its free version will meet most people’s needs, power users who require even more may opt for the pro upgrade – an upgrade option which costs $16 is available as well.

2. Sleep As Android

Sleeping well is vital to staying healthy, and this app takes an ingenious scientific approach to helping you do just that. By monitoring activity with sensors on your Android phone or wearables such as Fitbit or Garmin FitBit, this app uses data gleaned from their sensors or wearables to calculate when to wake up in the morning based on this analysis. You can even integrate other apps to control smart lightbulbs or Spotify music alarms if supported – free trial period lasts for two weeks before purchasing the full version if desired!

3. Duolingo

There are plenty of language learning apps on the market, but Duolingo stands out with its mission of helping people of all socioeconomic backgrounds acquire new languages. Thanks to Google Play, which connects billions of people, it has now celebrated 500 million downloads; helping individuals from around the globe take steps toward becoming more globally connected.

4. Tasker

Android users have plenty of automation apps at their disposal, yet many can have steep learning curves. Tasker takes an innovative approach by breaking automation down into easy-to-understand blocks that you arrange like blocks in a flowchart-style interface. The free app works on any device while purchasing it unlocks premium mode which enables creating scripts requiring over 30 blocks.

5. Instagram

There is an abundance of photo-centric social media apps out there, but Instagram stands out thanks to its beautiful filters and user engagement features. Furthermore, being owned by Facebook means it makes an excellent messaging choice for messaging addicts or those living far away from loved ones.

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