Understanding UVC Membership Levels: A Complete Guide

In the world of luxury travel and accommodation, membership programs such as UVC (Unlimited Vacation Club) stand out for offering exclusive and personalized experiences to their members. Understanding the different UVC membership levels can be key to maximizing your benefits and ensuring a memorable vacation. In this article, we’ll explore what UVC membership levels are, what benefits each offers, and how you can choose the best level for your travel needs.

What is UVC?

Unlimited Vacation Club is a loyalty program offered by a resort chain that allows members to enjoy exclusive privileges and priority access to luxury accommodations in a variety of destinations. With a variety of membership levels, UVC promises to adapt to the diverse needs and travel styles of its members.

UVC Membership Levels

UVC offers several membership levels, each with a distinct set of benefits and privileges. Let’s detail each of them to help you understand which one might be best suited for you:

  1. Bronze Level
  • Description: Ideal for new members who want to try the club’s services with a smaller initial investment.
  • Benefits: Discounts on accommodation, access to exclusive promotions and a concierge service to help with travel planning.
  1. Silver Level
  • Description: For frequent travelers looking for more benefits in their stays.
  • Benefits: In addition to the Bronze benefits, it includes room upgrades when available, priority check-in and check-out, and a higher percentage discount on accommodations.
  1. Gold Level
  • Description: Perfect for those who travel several times a year and appreciate exceptional luxury and comfort.
  • Benefits: Includes all Prata benefits, plus access to exclusive areas at the resorts, invitations to special events and a VIP service package.
  1. Platinum Level
  • Description: The pinnacle of exclusivity and personalization for the most demanding members.
  • Benefits: All the benefits of Ouro, plus personalized concierge services, accommodation options in private villas and additional benefits in partnerships with other luxury companies.
  1. Diamond Level
  • Description: The elite of membership programs, designed to offer the ultimate experience in luxury and personalized service.
  • Benefits: In addition to all previous benefits, Diamond members receive preferential treatment in all services, exclusive access to the best suites and villas, and invitations to complimentary trips organized by the club.

How to Choose the Ideal Membership Level?

Choosing the right membership level depends on several factors, including travel frequency, budget and personal preferences. Consider the following aspects when deciding:

  • Travel Frequency: The more you travel, the greater the benefit of a higher level of membership can be.
  • Budget: Evaluate how much you are willing to invest annually in your association and balance this with the benefits received.
  • Personal Preferences: If you value exclusive services and personalization, a higher level may be more appropriate.


UVC’s membership levels are designed to suit a wide range of travelers, from those seeking an introduction to the world of luxury travel to the most discerning lovers of comfort and exclusivity. By understanding the features and benefits of each level, you can make an informed choice that maximizes your benefits and enriches your travel experiences. Plan your next adventure with UVC and turn your trips into unforgettable experiences.

This comprehensive guide to UVC membership levels should help you navigate your options and choose the package that best suits your travel needs, ensuring a luxurious, personalized vacation whenever you want.

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