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5 Tips to Customize Your Bedroom With Unique Style

No matter if you’re redecorating an existing bedroom or making over a coliving apartment into your own sleeping sanctuary, creating a distinctive look is easy if you follow these tips. From adding color to hanging family photos and more – there are endless ways to personalize the space to meet your individual taste! A mood board can also be helpful for exploring which colors and patterns speak to you before making final decisions; clippings from lifestyle and interior design magazines can also help narrow down what style preferences to pursue before embarking on this endeavor!

One way to give your bedroom its own distinctive vibe is selecting a color scheme that expresses who you are as an individual. This will set the overall atmosphere in the space, making decisions easier regarding furniture and accessories. Aim for warm hues that offer depth in different lighting conditions – avoid choosing too many bold hues as this could become overwhelming in a room.

While it can be tempting to fill your space with all of the latest homeware items, too many mass-market decorations can quickly lose their charm and give your bedroom a flat and generic appearance. Instead, take the time to explore local antique shops and markets for unique decor pieces and rare finds; by mixing vintage elements in with current homeware trends you will instantly add character and make it truly yours!

Add texture to your bedroom for an instantaneous personalization boost. Pillow shams featuring fringe or crochet designs or plush throw blankets at the foot of the bed are easy and affordable ways to bring your style alive in an understated yet meaningful manner.

Even if your bedroom is carpeted, consider adding an area rug to the floor under your bed to ground the bed and add warmth in a minimalist space. Opt for one that is at least two feet larger than your mattress to ensure it serves more as an accent piece rather than simply covering up floor space.

Addition of seating to your bedroom can add a luxurious touch, especially if space is at a premium. An upholstered bench or ottoman at the foot of your bed are two great examples; alternatively you could experiment with fabric chairs and woven baskets to bring some personality and interest into your sleeping area.

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